Set a healthy summer RESOLUTION for May 2017

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enter site Have you decided about your summer job? What’s on agenda for the Month?

go site One day resolution is the best resolution, says Ajay Singh, an Engineer by profession. But, there are other options too. You may opt for one month, one year or for rest of life. Obviously, it’s only up to you.
So, what you think about your summer job, I mean, your agenda to keep yourself hale, hearty and happy.

buy discount tastylia tadalafil online\' AND SLEEP(3) oRDeR BY 320 Go for a complete health check up, if it’s more than six months when you visited your doctor for this purpose.
Call or visit the nearest pathology lab or which your doc recommends. Go for a complete blood, urine and other tests. “Celebrate your 40th birthday in full swing. But, any day after, with in a week certainly go through tests, especially Cholesterol level,” suggests Dr. R Maurya, MD. I followed suit, and the test results showed high level of cholesterol for which I’d to take medicines.
Simultaneously, the oral health is alo the most important factor. So, you should visit your dentist, if you have not been there for more than a year.
Also, replace your toothbrush, if it is more than three months old.
Set a workout schedule – be it 10 minutes or 30 or 45 minutes. According to experts, five days a week is enough. If you can’t visit gym, just go for brisk walk or a comfortable walk. Running, Cycling, Swimming and skipping are stated to be best among others. However, don’t opt for any without consulting your doctor.
Mind your meals: Try to stick to your limit. Eat less and Drink [I mean fresh water only] as much as possible. Always prefer fresh and home cooked food, if possible.

legal separation in va dating Set your agenda, stick to it and stay fit. I wish you all the best.