Self-Help: How I got rid of Piles by tricky hit and trials

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I opted a trial and error method to overcome the problem of piles. It worked miraculously.

I was very much scared that day. My doctor told me that I had to go for operation, if the medicines didn’t work.
I knew a person who was operated for cure of piles. “I have to enter toilet immediately if I feel any pressure,” said the person, several years back.

I was below 30 then. I felt shivering at my bones while entering toilet those days. It was certain that the next moment was very painful. I found no way to stop bleeding.

I followed all the precautions and medications as directed by my doctor, but to no avail.

One afternoon, an idea came to my mind. I recalled that in our childhood, our grand mother never allowed us water after consuming roasted grams or nuts. Whenever we ignored instructions we suffered loose motion.

I consumed a good amount of roasted gram followed by four glasses of water.

Next morning, I felt too much relieved as the painful situation was at least.

Then onward, I repeated the same in lunch. Following some suggestions, I added papaya along with gram.

It worked like miracle. Within 10 days all my problems were solved. I told my doctor about my experiment, but, he just laugh. By the way, this was not a bookish prescription.
The doctor said that there may be some other reasons and it won’t last for many days.
Till date, I feel fine. However, I do my best to keep any condition of constipation away, any way.

[As the said person told to Ujjwal Ghosh]

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