Know how correct is this claim – ‘Eupatorium Perf cures dengue instantly’ ‘Eupatorium Perfoliatum cures Dengue in seconds’-the related post is going viral on Whatsapp. Even the people are sharing it indiscriminately.
With all, there is an appeal of sharing it more and more. People are being advised to take two drops of this 200 potency medicine. There are some posts In social media, claiming that its two drops even beats off the chikungunya disease for good. Now, I am trying to understand how to take this medicine.
What they Claim
Any treatment is a kind of effort. Various experiments are done while Research and Development. Those guidelines are followed during treatment. As the claims are being made in social media, such are seen among the QUACKS and self-styled medical practitioners.

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Isn’t the medicine effective as remedy for Dengue and Chikungunya?
It can’t be replied just in either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Firstly, this medicine can be effective Dengue and Chikungunya both and cure as well. Secondly, it is not necessary that this very medicine would cure all the patients of Dengue and Chikungunya.
Now coming to potency, leave it completely on the doctor, because it varies with condition of the patients. For some patients 3x potency is effective, for others might be 6,30 or event 200. It can just be decided by him/her who is authorized for.
Similarly, the advice of taking two drops is in no way wrong.It would be considered a single dose as per principles of Homoeopathy. Only doctors are authorized to fix doses and what should be the interval of next dose.
What is this remedy for, actually?
When the patient feels like – seem to be the whole body is thrashed, unbearable pain in bones and obviously pain from head to toe. Excruciating pain in the wrist seeming as dislocated. Pricking pain in the eye balls. Sharp cold, high fever and influenza. Swivel head as if collapsing. Could not dare to turn the head left in panic.
Now the disease, either named Dengue or Chikungunya or a common cough and cold, Eupatorium Perf may be beneficial. But abolishing completely can’t be the appropriate claim. As needed Rhus Tox, Gelsemium 30 or Arsenic Alb can be tried. Or all three medicines can be tried in turns.

source get link Note: Its nearest medicine is Bryonia Alba and then Natrum Mur. Also, Sepia can be tried as per requirement.

lugares para conocer personas lima [This post is based on research and conversation with Homoeopathic practitioner.] online flirt wann treffen CAUTION: Please don’t take any medicine without consulting an authorized physician. It might be injurious to health.

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