5 Effective Medicines for Acidity, Indigestion and Gastric Problems

gastric problems homoeopathy

Acidity problem has become most common in these days. Grabbing this situation, advertisements of numerous products claiming to cure it soon, are seen in various television channels. Viewing those ads, the affected people try the products one after another.

Luckily, any product might be effective, but it can’t be considered authentic. If it prolongs, one must consult the concerned physician. Usually, acidity, gas formation etc emerge due to food disorders.

Sometimes, the reason is mental tension. Thus, having meals properly and overcoming the mental tension would definitely curb the disease.

A few medicines are mentioned below. You may take these medicines, but strictly after any physician’s advice.

1. Nux Vomica : If complication starts after taking meal.

2. Ipecac : If vomiting occurs or feeling the tendency repeatedly.

3. China : Feeling of air filling in the bowels.

4. Carbo Veg : Repeated gas formation in bowels, usually effective for the senior citizens who suffer badly.

5. Pulsatilla : Against the complications due to mass consumption of oily edibles.

Warning : Don’t take the medicine without the physician’s advice. It might be detrimental to health.

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